Does My Baby Have Colic?


Colic is a term often used to describe any fussy or crying babies. While it’s not fully understood, even in the medical realm, most doctors agree that colic (from the Greek kolikos for “affecting the colon”) means your baby is experiencing pain inside of him and he is inconsolable. Extensive crying alone is not enough […]

Why Babies Spit Up


A newborn’s digestive system is not yet fully competent. The esophageal valve connecting the esophagus to the stomach is weak, which allows milk to slosh back up from the stomach to the mouth and exit as spit-up. Generally, it will take your baby between four to six months to really get the hang of feeding, […]

Tips on Burping Your Newborn


Burping is a foreign concept outside of the United States in cultures where breastfeeding is the norm. Because a nursing baby tends to sit more upright, enjoy smaller, more frequent feedings and can control the flow of her mother’s milk, she seldom swallows excess air. Bottle feeding creates a situation of faster milk flow from […]

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