The Importance of Tummy Time


With babies sleeping on their backs the majority of the day, extended tummy time during waking hours is essential for upper body strengthening and motor skill development. Tummy time is the first step toward development milestones like rolling over, sitting up and crawling. It offers newborns a new perspective on their environment and also helps […]

Trimming Your Baby’s Nails


Your baby’s fingernails and toenails grow fast, and because newborns don’t have much control of their movements, they often scratch their faces (or others) with their flailing hands. To prevent this, you’ll need to trim your baby’s nails quite often. This can be a scary prospect since her nails are so itsy-bitsy tiny. I was […]

How to Massage Your Baby


Infant massage is an excellent and calming way to connect with your baby. Its origins date back thousands of years to ancient India where massage was used regularly as part of Ayurvedic medicine. In the Western world, the use of infant massage has increased in neonatal care. This kind of nurturing touch is essential for […]

Preparing Baby for Sitting Up


Independent sitting is a milestone usually achieved between the ages of four and eight months as the result of increased strength and muscle development in your baby. Since a child’s muscle development usually occurs from head to toe, your infant will first learn to hold his head up by himself, typically around four months old. […]

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